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Crystal Singing Bowl Meditations

  • 1 hour
  • Location 1

Service Description

Melanie conducts Crystal Singing Bowl Meditations twice a month and also does private healing sessions. What exactly is sound healing? Sound healing is the science of applying sound and frequencies, to parts or all of the body, in order to effect change, and return body, mind and soul to a state of wholeness, balance and harmony. Sound is the invisible healer. It works whether we fight it or allow it, know it, believe it, or not. Sound reaches into the cells, heals without leaving a scar, dissolving blocked energy, transforming, realigning and restoring, in ways we may not have even yet considered. Used therapeutically, sound creates the optimum environment for healing to occur; altering brainwaves, calming the nervous system, alleviating stress, circulating energy, and harmonizing organs and body systems.

Contact Details

  • 973-3933-0911

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