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Melanie Sarginson

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Meet Manuel

I am a qualified NLP trainer, trained by John Grinder the co-founder of NLP, Carmen St. Clair and Michael Carroll, teaching both Classic and New Code NLP.


Jack is now 11 years old and has struggled with waking up at night to go to the the bathroom since he was very little.



He was dry through the night when he was toilet trained at age 2, and then about a year later it changed and he started bed wetting frequently. He is a bright boy with no anxieties so it purely comes down to being a deep sleeper and somehow a change in sleep attitude. We all hoped he would grow out of it but did not.


He has been asked to go on a school residential in a few weeks and this prompted us to see Melanie as it was now reaching a stage that was causing him distress, he was determined to put this right.


Within two sessions with Melanie he is now able to wake himself up to go to the bathroom or sleeps through the night holding on until the morning.


The transformation is amazing and we are all delighted for him. After 7 years of bedwetting he has just stopped.


Thank you Melanie for her amazing treatment and support with Jack. I thoroughly recommend this 



"Without self-trust, we can never become wise because we will continue to look outside ourselves for the answer."

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